Zacharias Institute Events

The Zacharias Institute is a conference center and training facility within RZIM that offers short term courses designed to instruct and equip all who desire to effectively share the gospel of Jesus Christ and answer the common objections to Christianity with gentleness and respect. We have multiple events this year and next, see below for more information and we hope to see you soon at the Zacharias Institute!


July 24-27, 2018

ReFresh: Ready for College

Are you a student at high school or currently at college? Then don’t miss out on ReFresh! As students, you know what it’s like to be surrounded by questions. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed. In the face of so many questions, how can you keep your faith strong? Are you prepared to answer the questions and objections of your friends and classmates? At ReFresh, no question is off limits. Register today!

Emerging Apologists Program

The Emerging Apologists Program is designed to identify, mentor, and release those who sense and exhibit the calling of an evangelist.

Applications for our next EAP program will open in the Fall.

Date to be Confirmed

RZIM Global Apologetics Conference

Live Stream Available

Our hope for this inaugural RZIM Global Apologetics Conference is to create an annual event where the RZIM team addresses the timeliest apologetic questions of the year and live streaming allows us to help equip the global church for effective evangelism.