Summer 2017 Contents

Posted by Bethan Mingle on June 20, 2017
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Grace and Goodness

A message from Executive Director, Sarah Zacharias Davis.


Open Forums and University Missions:
A Hunger for Truth

Featured piece: God continues to open doors for RZIM to reach a diverse cross-section of students with the Christian worldview on a broad spectrum of topics.


The Zacharias Institute

Shawn Hart recalls the special day RZIM dedicated its new Global Headquarters and the Zacharias Institute.


Hearts & Minds:
Bailey's Story

A UC Berkeley student’s heart was enclosed behind a wall built out of intellectualism and philosophical falsehoods, but God removed the stones so that life might come in once more.


Hearts & Minds:

Abdu Murray shares personally about recent open forums and how God has shaped his story.


Global Reach

Photos from recent updates, from Os Guinness’ high-level government meetings in Macedonia to former supermodel Tracy Trinita sharing her story with young school girls.


Wellspring International:
A World Changer

Naomi Zacharias introduces us to the man behind Little Drops, a place for the homeless and elderly destitute in Chennai, India.

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“This is a unique moment in cultural history. I have neve seen anything like it. Hedonism and emptiness are related. The one breeds the other. It is a time to enter those arenas and win young hearts for the truth in ways that keep the beauty of the gospel intact.”