Grace and Goodness

Posted by Sarah Zacharias Davis on June 27, 2017
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Summer Newsmagazine: Open Forums and University Missions
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Yesterday I caught up with team member David Bennett. As we walked along an Oxford sidewalk, he shared with me an update from a university mission in Sussex, UK. Six months after the mission, he received a text from a girl who was Hindu thanking David and the team for being on her campus. She had become a Christian, she said, and was overjoyed to tell him the news.

Last week, Mahlatse Mashua and Amy Orr-Ewing met with faculty at the University of Cape Town as they gathered to ask questions and inquire how RZIM can help them. The week before, it was Michael Suderman at the Naval Academy and Balajied Nongrum at ITT in Mumbai. These past few months, requests for prayer from the team and excited reports about universities have filled our inboxes, our WhatsApp chats, and our meeting times as a team. By the grace of God and his goodness, He has opened the doors for us with incredible opportunities to engage students on campuses like Berkeley, Michigan State, and McGill University, to name just a few. In each setting, we have had the privilege of answering deeply felt questions and gently challenging deeply held convictions, boldly inviting people into relationship with God. We have prayed with students who have been victims of acts of violence and those who are desperately seeking meaning yet not knowing where to find it.

In Africa, the team is aiming for “25 by 25”: bringing the gospel to the top 25 universities in Africa by 2025. In Spain, the Proclama initiative is training university students to share the gospel on campuses across Spain. After two years it has been so impactful that we are planning to replicate it across other countries in Europe. We are also prayerfully responding to invitations and deploying our team to university missions and open forums across the US and Canada.

After returning from UC Berkeley, Jo Vitale remarked, “I can honestly say I spent all weekend in an absolute daze, stunned by what God has done. Two things that I’ve been reflecting on after the UC Berkeley mission are this: one, the extravagance and relentlessness with which God pursues individuals. And two, the kindness of God that He lets us be a part of his story. He could have done this all by Himself, and yet He so generously includes so many people. “

I invite you into these pages to read the stories and see what God is doing. Join us at and receive live updates as they unfold. We believe that God has called us to these opportunities in the academy like never before. We are committed to responding, to being where He has called us, for this time.

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