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Posted by Danielle DuRant on December 1, 2017
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Danielle DuRant, Editor

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Called by Name

Even a casual reader of the Bible cannot help but notice the many bold and staggering promises made concerning prayer, writes Margaret Manning Shull.

The Gift of Silence

God’s supposed silence to our prayers is often a challenge to Christian belief; but Nathan Betts points out that this does not necessarily imply that He is inactive.

The Man above the River

In an excerpt from his classic book Against the Flow, John Lennox addresses the prophet Daniel’s encounter with a heavenly messenger, reminding us that there is a world beyond this one—and there is a God who loves us.

Have Mercy on Us

Michelle Tepper looks at a centuries-old historic prayer and shows how it can comfort and assist us in calling upon God even today.

Evening Prayer

Danielle DuRant imagines what Zechariah must have experienced when he is suddenly met by the angel Gabriel in the temple.

Sure Footing

Prayer is a constant reminder that we are not autonomous, suggests Ravi Zacharias, and is so much more than merely asking for something and receiving it.

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