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Posted by Danielle DuRant on February 23, 2017
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A teaching resource of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Just Thinking Magazine exists to engender thoughtful engagement with apologetics, Scripture, and the whole of life. Read articles from the latest issue (25.2) below, click here to view or download the full magazine, or click here to download the magazine app on iTunes.

Danielle DuRant, Editor

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Altars Against God

By Ravi Zacharias

In an excerpt from his new book Jesus Among Secular Gods, Ravi Zacharias shows how the points of tension within secular worldviews are not merely peripheral but rather foundational.


The Trajectory of Truth

By Vince Vitale

“Why do we have such a confused relationship with the truth?” asks Vince Vitale, who considers the ramifications of living in a “post-truth” society and its ultimatum that we must choose between truth and love.


Aspiring Angels

By Abdu Murray

Abdu Murray argues that our culture has embraced confusion and shunned certainty based on objective facts because they stand in the way of today’s highest ideal: unfettered individual autonomy.


A Stronger Power

By Margaret Manning Shull

One of Friedrich Nietzsche’s sustained critiques of Christianity was that it promoted weakness as a virtue. Margaret Manning Shull examines Jesus’s radical call to service and sacrifice in the light of Nietzsche’s appraisal.


Timeless Words

By Ravi Zacharias

“The formal announcement of a new word has shown the Bible to be true, an incredible unintended consequence,” muses Ravi Zacharias.