With Gratitude for the Homer G. Lindsay Award

Posted by Ravi Zacharias, on January 31, 2018
Topic: Blog

It has been an incredible week for us in Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida. My family and I thank the wonderful people at First Baptist Jacksonville, particularly to pastors Mac and Trey Brunson, for the kindness shown in giving me the Homer G. Lindsay lifetime of ministry award.

I never knew Pastor Lindsay but have read of his passion for evangelism. It is therefore an honor, all the more, to receive it. In turn, I would like to hand the award to my wife and family. Without them I would never have made it. The life of an itinerant is not easy. But the biggest price is paid by the family. So I give them my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for enabling me to fulfill my calling. Thank you again, First Baptist Jacksonville, for a memorable evening. May God bless you and give you wonderful years ahead. Pastor Mac, you are a true friend and fellow-servant in His cause.