With Gratitude And Joy This Thanksgiving

Posted by Margie ZachariasRavi Zacharias on November 22, 2017
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As we approach this Thanksgiving season, my heart is filled with gratitude to God for all His blessings. I cannot thank Him enough, for His mercies are new every morning, coming from His gracious hand. From the blessings of our families to the impact and growth of this ministry, the ever expanding support base, and the unique opportunities to speak across this world, I see His guiding and protecting hand. I cannot take a single trip but that somebody stops to say, “Thank you for what the Lord has done in my life through RZIM.” That brings us such joy.

Frankly, by this time I had hoped to slow down quite a bit but it is not meant to be. Our invitations mount in number and strategic significance. We get calls from leaders in various segments of society saying, “Please come here.”

In some ways I wish I were just starting out. I could tell you so many stories of transformation that deeply touch our hearts. The last two years have brought incredible growth and even in the last few weeks, we see people from all walks of life and even desolate settings writing to say what our ministry has meant to them. May I say a big heartfelt “Thank you” for all you do. Some time ago, one gentleman called and said that he had one of the world’s largest comic book collections; he said that he decided to sell it to invest in God’s work around the world. Those kinds of calls move us profoundly to keep doing what God has called us to do. We understand the heart behind such commitment. For us, this is our 33rd year, and in some ways, we have just begun. The younger team is of extraordinary skill and anointing. It’s a dream coming true, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude to God.

A few short weeks ago, we welcomed our fifth grandchild into the world. What a bundle of delight! Holding that little guy is of unparalleled joy. What their world will be like, we don’t know. But we can do our part to make it a better future. To that I am committed and will keep running this race till the Lord says, “Come home.”

I am writing, just having finished meetings in the UK and in Asia. I have so many wonderful friends in these regions, and it’s always a thrill to reconnect and be reassured. Our friends over the years have been many and loyal, always wanting to help.

Please continue to pray for us. Even as the ministry grows and the opportunities multiply, I realize how much more important it will be for the younger team to step up and for me to only do ministry work with little or no administrative responsibilities.

Even as we think of all the blessings, we are reminded of our losses. The loss of Nabeel Qureshi still seems hard to believe. My wife is at this moment in Akron, Ohio, attending the burial of a 17-week-old miscarried baby of our nephew and his wife. She talked of how sad it seems to be in a cemetery section reserved for infants. I have no doubt that in the times of these seasons, losses are felt with greater weight. Our hearts go out in prayer for such families.

Margie and I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a blessed time with your family. I enjoy this time of the year because I pull back and enjoy the family, without distraction. Just one more trip to India between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then we are planning a small trip away for all of us. We haven’t done that in years, so we are looking forward to it.

Thank you for your friendship and your generous giving and faithful prayers. I believe the best years are ahead. Thank you, dear friends. Thank you on behalf of the whole RZIM team.




Ravi, Margie, and the RZIM Team