We’re Moving! New Global Headquarters and Home of Zacharias Institute

Posted by Bethan Mingle on January 27, 2017
Topic: Blog

Today is our last day here in the Norcross office and the final stages of packing are well underway. On Monday, January 30, we move to our new RZIM Global Headquarters and the home of the new Zacharias Institute in Alpharetta, Ga. We are sad to leave a place we’ve been in for over 30 years and that holds so many memories and milestones, but we are thrilled for what lies ahead in the years to come in our new home. Come back here or follow us online on Facebook or Twitter for updates on our move! We can’t wait to show you our new home. Click here for our new address.


The new location of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Global Headquarters and home of the Zacharias Institute.