Update from Taiwan and Typhoon Megi

Posted by Ravi Zacharias, on September 28, 2016
Topic: Blog

Thank you all for praying for our team while we were in Taipei, Taiwan this week. Little did we know that we would arrive shortly before Typhoon Megi slammed the country. Wind gusts went up as high as 140 miles an hour and torrential rains dumped huge volumes of water. Trees uprooted and windows rattling made for quite the memory. A little bit nerve wracking, I must confess. You could feel buildings sway said many residents. Over 500 have been injured and four people lost their lives.

But as I write, the streets look calmer and traffic is moving again. The airport has reopened and we will be on our way shortly to Toronto, Canada.

The primary purpose of our visit to Taipei was to record a program with GOOD TV — the first segment of RZIM’s “Let My People Think” program that will be subtitled in Mandarin and aired across the Asian world. Millions are reached through this television network, even into the mainland. We will be launching our regular LMPT program early next year. Please pray for that. It is a major undertaking and is very demanding in translation work, but it could touch millions.

Thank you again for your support and prayers. We are trusting God to guide our every step, and we are grateful for all who are lifting us up during these challenging times across the globe.