Thursday at Indiana University: Zacharias and Murray to speak on “The Secular and the Sacred” in Open Forum

Posted by Ruth Malhotra on February 15, 2017
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On Thursday, February 16, Christian apologists and authors Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray will visit the campus of Indiana University-Bloomington for an open forum titled, “The Secular and the Sacred: A Culture in Search of Values and Meaning.” The event will take place at 8:00pm in the IU Auditorium and will consist of a lecture and Q&A with students.

“Pluralistic societies have great challenges and secular assumptions provide for a neutral ground, but both those ideals have immense risks when one searches for collective absolutes or individual meaning. We will explore those strengths and dangers,” explained Zacharias, who has spoken on dozens of university campuses around the world for the past 44 years. “That is precisely the ‘no man’s land’ we live in today. Is there any hope in this struggle?”

Indiana University Bloomington is the flagship institution of the Indiana University system and its largest university with over 48,000 students.

Thursday’s open forum is co-sponsored by several student organizations including Cru, Chi Alpha, Connexion, and The Navigators. For the past several weeks, Cru students have been organizing displays around campus posing the following questions to students:

1) Do you think there is a moral right or wrong? If so, where do you think it comes from?

2) Why do you think humans are on earth? Why do you think you are on earth?

3) Why is there something in existence rather than nothing?

4) Do you view the future as set in stone or constantly changing?

IU Cru QandA 2

IU Cru QandA 1
Hundreds of students have responded with a wide range of answers, and these displays have helped build momentum for the open forum where questions from students and skeptics will be given priority.

“We are praying for many IU students to be awakened to the reality of God’s love for them in Christ Jesus,” said Grant Lemmons, a staff member with Cru-IU who is helping organize the event. “We want students to know that there are coherent answers to life’s biggest questions as a result of knowing their Creator.”

This is RZIM’s third open forum this month featuring Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray. On February 7 over 3,500 packed the University of Michigan’s Hill Auditorium for a discussion on “What Does It Mean To Be Human?” and February 8 over 9,000 turned out at Michigan State University’s Breslin Center for an event on “Truth in a Post-Truth Culture.”

“These events showed once again the hunger there is on the campus for questions to be answered in a cordial and thoughtful manner,” reflected Zacharias.

IU auditorium_B
Thursday’s forum at Indiana University is expected to draw a cross-section of the campus for a discussion on values and meaning in today’s culture.

“Whether we cling to a secular worldview or place our hope in something transcendent, we all look for meaning in our particular lives and strive to uphold the objective value of human beings. But with such a cacophony of religious and irreligious voices, it may be difficult to determine who, if anyone, has the answers,” said Murray, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity after a nine year investigation into the major world religions. “What we hope to explore is how the Christian message offers intellectually satisfying, yet emotionally fulfilling answers to life’s biggest questions.”

This event is open to the public, however a section of the lower tier of the Auditorium will be reserved for those with an Indiana University ID. Doors to the building open at 7:00pm, and doors to the auditorium open 7:30pm.

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