RZIM Launches Zacharias Institute and New Global Headquarters in Alpharetta, GA

Posted by Ruth Malhotra on March 20, 2017
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“The Questions of Culture, the Invitation of Christ.”

On March 23-24, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) will formally launch the Zacharias Institute and open its doors to the new global headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia.

A series of events will take place including an apologetics symposium on Thursday evening and the formal dedication ceremony on Friday afternoon at the 124,000 square foot building. In addition to office space for the North American speaking team and staff, this facility includes an auditorium, several classrooms and seminar rooms, state-of-the-art television and radio studios, a café, a library, a bookstore, and the Still Point Art Gallery.

The Zacharias Institute’s inaugural symposium will be held on Thursday, March 23, at 7:30pm EDT featuring Ravi Zacharias, Os Guinness, and Edmund Chan. The theme is, “For Such A Time As This,” and the event will be streamed live at https://rzim.org/live/

“The Zacharias Institute is a place to train and equip all who desire to effectively share the gospel of Jesus Christ while also gently and respectfully answering the common objections to Christianity. The space will also be used to house the global headquarters for RZIM,” explained Ravi Zacharias, RZIM Founder and President. “The goal is to help train apologists from every walk of life—pastors, youth pastors, business people, those in the arts, young people as they prepare for university, professional athletes, and homemakers. Apologetics is no longer a luxury; it is indispensable in our time. The Scriptures remind us to be prepared to give a reason for the hope that is within us. As the Institute builds the vision, we hope the impact will be felt globally.”

The tag line of the Zacharias Institute is, The Questions of Culture, the Invitation of Christ. “People have tough questions. Answering those questions faithfully unlocks the door to faith. Avoiding those questions leads to unbelief and anger toward God. Engaging the mind unlocks the heart, and therefore we take people’s questions very seriously,” said Vince Vitale, who serves as Director of the Institute. “Our vision is big. But the roots that Ravi and Margie have put down over the last four decades run very deep, the team they have rallied around them is up to the task, and I truly believe that our God can bring to pass everything that he has put on our hearts to dream for as we seek to reach this generation and the generations to come.”

This week also includes the unveiling of Still Point, a 2,800 square foot formal gallery space and a central part of the RZIM’s growing emphasis on the arts. On Thursday we will host Still Point’s opening exhibition “Hospitality,” a collaborative exhibit featuring 19 professional artists, representing galleries from Taipei to Santa Fe to Atlanta’s own Mason Fine Art. Thursday’s dedication will feature a keynote address from artist Bruce Herman titled “Hallowing the Senses: Art, Hospitality, and Imagination.” On Friday, the gallery will open for guests to engage with many of the participating artists alongside their works.

“Taking its name from a line in T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets, Still Point is an invitation to encounter light and shadow, the interplay between order and non-order, to engage the senses, the mind, the imagination,” explained Jill Carattini, RZIM’s Director of Apologetics & the Arts and managing editor of A Slice of Infinity. “The arts have a way of calling us to be present. You have to be physically present to take in a piece of art—music hitting your ears, standing before a painting in front of you. The arts can be a helpful reminder that faith is something we inhabit with the whole person; they can also be a startling reminder that Christ inhabited this world of light and shadow, order and non-order, transforming the world by stepping into it.” Learn more about the gallery at stillpointarts.org.

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