Prayers for Egypt and Zimbabwe

Posted by Ravi Zacharias, on November 24, 2017
Topic: Blog

We have just heard of the terrible bombing of a mosque in Egypt that at this time has taken more than 200 lives. Our colleague Michael Ramsden is in Egypt right now preaching and holding meetings. We will have him post a firsthand report as soon as it’s available.

Ramsden wrote on Twitter, Spoke this morning on the importance of not seeking revenge, but searching for reconciliation and forgiveness. Was so saddened to hear of over 200 killed in a Mosque. Was very moved by impassioned prayer in church for peace, comfort and hope for those who mourn.”

I can only assume that the act was carried out during the Friday prayers to maximize the carnage. How sad that people who go in search of peace become victims of war. Please pray for the families and those deeply affected.

RZIM International Director Michael Ramsden preaches at the Kasr El Doubara Evangelical Church in Cairo, Egypt.

May I also call upon us to pray for Zimbabwe as they inaugurate a new president. After 37 years of a demagogue in power, one wonders what lies ahead for this land. May God protect that nation from further victimization. I remember having a private conversation with Robert Mugabe once for just a few minutes. He was smooth talking but led with the pall of fear and death over that land. My heart goes out to the people of Zimbabwe, and I pray the future will not be a repeat but a new day.

May God hear our prayer.

Zimbabweans face a time of transition with the inauguration of the country’s third president, Emmerson Mnangagw.


UPDATE: Click here to read Michael Ramsden’s update and reflection from Cairo on the day of Egypt’s deadliest attack by Islamic extremists in the country’s modern history.