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Where did we come from? Where are we headed? What is the meaning of life? How should we live? We all have deep questions, and how we answer those questions will determine who we become and how we live.

Where can you ask your biggest questions? Where can you find answers? Ask Away is designed to be that place. No question is off limits. Every question is received as a gift. We love questions because God loves questioners.

Asking tough, thoughtful questions is how you get to know someone. So let's ask our toughest questions of God and trust that He will provide answers that will allow us to know Him more intimately and share Him more effectively.

Vince and Jo Vitale lead this weekly podcast which focuses on listener-submitted questions on meaning, morality, origin, and destiny. Ask Away is designed to be a place where can you ask your biggest questions and find answers. To submit your question, email Ask Away at [email protected] or use the hashtag #askrzim on Twitter.

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