RZIM Academy Student Testimonials

99% of students who have taken our Core Module course have said they would recommend this course to others. Read some of past students’ feedback below.

“I have a BA and MA and I have worked in the schools for 25 years. I even went to Bible College for a while. This is by far the best class I have ever taken.”

“This course has exceeded my expectations. I really have enjoyed all parts of the program. I feel like I’ve formed friendships and bonds with the participants in my section and with the moderator. The interviews and assignments were stimulating, and resulted in conversations that I might not have been able to have if it weren’t for the course. (It’s an easier thing to ask someone of a different worldview to discuss religion in order to help you with a course assignment!) I love, too, that it is structured so that people who have full-time jobs can still profit from the course. It is what you make of it. I hate to see it end, honestly.”

“Thank you so much for making this type of learning available. For me, as a mom of three children, I could never attend a conference. The ability to do the course work at my convenience and to be able to catch up after the week had passed, made it possible for me to complete all the work. Access to these kinds of scholars would be impossible and I learned a tremendous amount. I will purchase the ability to go back and review the lectures because it is impossible to retain the amount of great information with only one viewing. Again, thank you!”

“Before I started these classes with RZIM Academy, every time I would start to talk to someone from another religion/world view, I would almost always get into an argument, especially with my girlfriend. Looking back on it, it was because I didn’t know how to explain or articulate the Christian faith, also I didn’t know how to listen… But after 12 weeks of Apologetics with RZIM, I have had many, many religious discussions and none of them has turned into an argument.”

“I am not overstating that this has been a life-changing experience for me.”

“I’m a pastor and I’ve already been able to begin implementing some of the things I’m learning with our church. The thing I’ve noticed the most is a restoration of courage to our people when it comes to sharing the gospel. I have loved every lecture and I’m looking forward to the electives.”

“This course had a profound impact on me in many ways. I have learned so much more about others’ worldviews, about listening to what might be behind the questions people ask, and most of all, I feel more confident in the area of sharing my faith due to the knowledge I have gained about pantheism and atheism, and Islam; worldviews shared by many people I know well. I plan to continue studying Apologetics and hope to take RZIM courses in the future. Thank you very much for this opportunity.”

“Thank you. The effect this course, the lecturers, and their lectures have had on me has been profound. I feel you have rescued me from stagnation and apathy and given me purpose, and a fresh glimpse of the majesty and kindness of God to me. My greatest challenge is to work on the apologist and draw closer to Christ. Thank you.”

“The most helpful part of the course was the comprehensiveness of it. It wasn’t just lectures, which are passive, but it included quizzes and assignments – which are active, as well as a forum – which was engaging… and invaluable! I’m sorry, it’s hard for me to pinpoint one thing that was most helpful to me. I was, and still am, blown away at what I’ve received from this course. I came in expecting a certain thing and left having received a tremendous amount more – with more to look forward to in the upcoming electives.”

“This class really got me over some fear of talking to people about my faith and exploring their worldview.

“The lectures were the most informative part, but the interviews were where the rubber meets the road. My life is changed because of those interviews.”

“I have come away with such a bigger heart for people. I have softened so much over the course of this module. I started a new job, and am surrounded by homosexuals. Normally, I would be thinking of the arsenal with which I would defeat their arguments. Instead, now I value their company, knowing that their experiences, most likely, have guided them to their current outlook and that with grace and compassion I may make myself available to answer any questions they have, so as to see Christ, and not the arguments for which they must be deluded.”