Apologetics Resources


This list of resources does not imply an official endorsement of any particular position; rather, these are simply the resources we reference for those who want to study the various Christian perspectives on specific issues.

Christian Research Institute- is an apologetics ministry responding to cults, world religions, attacks on biblical reliability, etc with an archive of free articles. www.equip.org

Evangelical Philosophical Society- for those who are serious minded about Christian apologetics and the philosophy of religion from an evangelical perspective. Publishes the excellent journal Philosophia Christi. www.epsociety.org

Foundation for European Apologetics- the emphasis of this site is Catholic. It has a number of helpful links and essays. www.apologetique.org/en

Leadership University- has a very extensive, impressive interdisciplinary website, offering integration of the various disciples in the university with the Christian worldview – including good apologetic and philosophical material. www.leaderu.com

Society of Christian Philosophers- is a group of philosophers, though not all are even close to evangelical or even orthodox (SCP includes Mormon philosophers as well). Nevertheless, it has many solid Christian thinkers within its ranks and publishes an excellent journal Faith and Philosophy. www.societyofchristianphilosophers.com

Spiritual Counterfeits Project- offers Christian responses to Eastern religious movements, cults, self-help and New Age thinking. www.scp-inc.org

Stand to Reason- is a ministry that offers a number of useful resources on a range of topics including apologetics, bio-ethics, philosophy, science and theology.www.str.org

Theistic Philosophers on the Web- A links page to the sites of thinkers such as William Lane Craig www.reasonablefaith.org, Douglas Groothuis www.ivpress.com/groothuis/doug/ and Robert Koons www.leaderu.com/offices/koons/index.html. Although not all in the list are evangelical, there is a lot of good material such as online essays and bibliographies. www.theism.actualism.com/theistic.php3

Other Apologetics Websites

Bethinking- www.bethinking.org
Apologetics Index- www.apologeticsindex.org
Apologetics.com- www.apologetics.com
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministries- www.carm.org
Impact Apologetics- www.impactapologetics.com

Ministries and Organizations

Christian Medical Fellowship- www.cmf.org.uk
C.S. Lewis Institute- www.cslewisinstitute.org
Damaris- www.damaris.org
European Evangelical Alliance (EEA)- www.europeanea.org
European Leadership Forum- www.euroleadership.org
Evangelical Alliance UK- www.eauk.org
Jews for Jesus- www.jewsforjesus.org
L’Abri- http://labri.org/
London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC)- www.licc.org.uk
New Wine- www.new-wine.org
Soul Survivor- www.soulsurvivor.com/uk
J. John Canon and The Philo Trust- http://www.canonjjohn.com/
Wycliffe Hall, Oxford- www.wycliffe.ox.ac.uk
Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics- www.theocca.org

Links for Students

Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF)- www.uccf.org.uk
International Fellowship for International Students (IFES)- www.ifesworld.org
DNA- www.dna-uk.org
Gospelcom (Christian Portal)
Reasons to Believe- www.reasons.org
Arab World Ministries-http://www.awm.org/