A Thought and a Prayer for Orlando

I write while in meetings in Moscow. It is with deep sadness I read of the heartless and cold-blooded killings planned and implemented in Orlando, Florida by a cruel mind.  How can any rationalizing justify that in any mind?  How tragic for the parents, how ruthless of the killer. How terrifying it must have been for those so brutalized. 

I read the message exchanged between a mother and son. It was heart breaking. The tears just flowed to read of his farewell to his mom.  Nothing one says can ease their pain. Hate destroyed lives, Families were shattered, and grief envelops so many. Unthinkable!

As a nation we mourn this loss. All of them are in our prayers at RZIM. We stand with the families in this time of grief. “Lord please help us to be wise on how we speak of or treat our fellow human beings!  We need You more than ever.”