RZIM Academy


The RZIM Academy equips individuals to respond to those around them who have sincere questions and honest objections to the Christian worldview.  This online course is designed to create an interactive environment with practical assignments to reinforce the lectures delivered by RZIM’s team of speakers, including lecturers at our Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

New classes begin every month. For more information visit http://rzimacademy.org

Here are a few quotes from the final evaluation forms:

 “I am not overstating that this has been a life-changing experience for me.”

“This has been a tremendous course! …It would be truly awesome if this could be core work for all who are disciples of Christ.”

“I REALLY enjoyed the course; it was everything I had hoped for.”

What is the RZIM Academy Core Module?

The aim of this online curriculum is to help equip believers to better respond to individuals around them who are asking honest questions and holding sincere objections to the Christian faith.   Beginning by exploring the four questions of a coherent worldview – origin, meaning, morality and destiny – RZIM Academy will offer highly interactive and practical courses that feature lectures from Ravi Zacharias, Michael Ramsden, Os Guinness, John Lennox, Amy Orr-Ewing, and many more.

Designed with consideration for working individuals with family commitments, the twelve-week introductory course is expected to occupy about three hours per week, including practical assignments that challenge participants to engage their neighbors, friends, and coworkers in fruitful dialogue.  It also offers a dynamic online community for discussing challenging questions, sharing frustrations and finding encouragement from fellow students and RZIM staff.

Beyond the Core Module, the RZIM Academy will be offering elective modules covering more specific topics in greater depth.  Currently we have available a module on Islam, and by early 2016 will have additional courses on the Bible, Why Suffering, Science and Religion, and new courses will be added every year after that.

The over-arching aim of this training program is that more people would better understand and know the person of Jesus Christ.  That is the aim of all of RZIM’s apologetics and will be a focus of every RZIM Academy course.  Also, as Ravi Zacharias frequently states, our training will emphasize that when offering an answer, it is not the question we are addressing, but the questioner.   This training program is designed to help students understand not just how to address ideas, but how to engage people, understand their beliefs, and facilitate fruitful dialogue that points to the person of Christ.