Conversations that Count

Although many Christians in the U.S. today perceive the need for apologetics in their relationships and communities, most feel ill equipped to face the challenge. They want to talk about their faith, but they don’t feel competent in terms of what the Gospel message really is and what it means. Moreover, they don’t feel adequate in their ability to relate the Gospel to life, and they don’t feel like they understand what it really means for them to be a Christian.

The Vision

The Conversations That Count seminar seeks to take the participants to a deeper level of understanding and commitment to the Christian message, what it means to be a messenger of the Gospel, the mission and purpose of the Christian/church, and how all these inform a method for engaging others in relevant conversations about issues in today’s culture. Conversations That Count is a follow-up to an Engaging Today’s Culture event, for a smaller audience and lasts a day and a half.

The Goal

Through the Conversations That Count seminars, the participants will not only be introduced to different apologetic arguments and strategies, but they will be exposed, motivated, and equipped to think about their faith and how it relates to life in a way that encourages people to live and think apologetically. In this its value is much like the Engaging Today’s Culture events. The true value of this seminar over and against the Engaging Today’s Culture events is that it allows for a high level of interaction, more in-depth treatment of the topics, and thus yields individuals better equipped to engage their culture with conversations that count.