Ravi’s United Nations Visit








It was a real honor to be asked for the third time to speak at the UN prayer breakfast. The organizers, John Austin and Ken Welborn, work hard at this and do a wonderful job with their team. I thank them for their work.

I am so grateful that so many of you prayed. I received scores of letters upholding us before the Lord.

As I sat at my hotel desk on 1st Ave. studying the night before, looking at the towering UN building and a lineup of police officers, some with dogs in tow, I sensed a sadness. A bastion of power, a barricade of fear. That’s what we have done in our world steeped in violence. How dreadful it is when we lose God.

The message was timely. I sensed God’s presence, but to be honest I felt very nervous and somewhat uptight. The Lord nevertheless blessed.

I have received letters and had conversations. Comments are best kept private. There was a deep work of the heart in many. One person who works with the UN wrote and said:

“This brings me to your message today and I can only speak from my own experience.  Being part of our team, I have always been acutely aware of the responsibility we have as part of the main international body responsible for international peace. Often it feels an impossible task … decisions are very complicated and have many, many dimensions to them. It is hard not to get too ‘politically’ involved and to remember the greater good. As someone who advises the political decision-makers, I have learned to pray about what to say, how bold to be and that I will speak God’s truth into a situation….  I often fail.  But now and again, I can see how God works and that he uses [us]….  But as we briefly discussed things, we are faced with many challenges at present….  Many of us are praying for a sea change. It is as if we are poised on a precipice and can fall either into corruption and political instability, or take a step back towards the future God has in mind for us…. I found your message today so timely and I appreciate that you were uncompromising, especially at the UN. I think I have told you before: but for me you are a well-used tool that fits well in God’s hand, one that he uses a great deal to do His work. Thank you for your obedience.”

That was so heartwarming and encouraging for me to receive.

Many of you know the story I tell about the Muslim Sheikh to whom I said: “Until you and I receive the Son the Lord has provided, we will be offering our own sons and daughters on the battlefields of this world for position, power, and land.” There was pin drop silence. I repeated the statement. When I sat down, a key person there said that story deeply moved him and connected. “I have never thought of it that way,” he said. “I am writing a major speech…. May I use this as the closing comment?” he asked.

I thought to myself, how amazing!  How amazing. That the gospel in one sentence can now be heard by leaders of the world. This is the Lord’s doing.

The body is a bit tired.  The heart is full. My mind responds to all of you with gratitude. Thank you for praying.

God bless you,







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I know it always is an unpleasant thing, especially for a leader, asking you to come along side, but we need you.  And I want you to respond to what God asks of you, not because of anything you sensed from us.  We hope you will partner with us so that this ministry will linger long and purposefully to bring men and women to Jesus Christ across this globe.  The time is critical.  Your support is vital.  Our commitment you can count on.

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