Ravi Zacharias at UPenn Live Stream: “Is Truth Real?”

Tuesday evening, February 11, Ravi Zacharias will speak to students and faculty at the University of Pennsylvania in the Irvine Auditorium on campus. The topic of this open forum is, “Is Truth Real? A Conversation on Science, Ethics, and Philosophy,” and a question and answer session will follow the lecture. The event will be live-streamed at 7:00 p.m. (ET) on www.rzim.org.

UPenn Irvine“I am truly honored to visit the University of Pennsylvania and speak at this historic and influential institution, and I look forward to discussing crucial questions related to life and meaning that all of us wrestle with,” said Zacharias. “As we struggle with various worldviews, we must ask ourselves who is going to guide us through the challenging terrain and what guideposts will we have along the way.”

There has been significant resistance and opposition to Dr. Zacharias’s visit by various student groups and individuals on campus for the past several days. For example, posters advertising the event have been taken down, and there have been numerous articles in the campus newspaper as well as posts on social media reflecting the hostility and confusion on campus when it comes to discussing different worldviews. Please pray for all involved with tonight’s event, as these dynamics have contributed to an intense campus environment. To give you an idea of dialogue at the university, you can refer to The Daily Pennsylvanian student newspaper, which published a column by the students helping organize Ravi Zacharias’s visit as well as a column by a student from the Penn Secular Society who expresses opposition to the event.

“I have been made aware of some of the antipathy and anxieties over our presence on campus,” remarked Zacharias. “I earnestly hope that as civil and meaningful discourse prevails, all the fears and concerns will be put to rest. Thank you to the organizers for giving me the privilege of speaking here.”

The open forum is being organized by University of Pennsylvania alumnus, Pastor Aaron Campbell of Antioch of Calvary Chapel in Philadelphia, along with a broad coalition of students on campus. In addition, several major universities will host simulcasts of the forum including Harvard, Cornell, Drexel, University of Delaware, University of Rhode Island, and Eastern University.

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