Prayer Request from Ravi

Dear Friend,

Watching the news each day reminds us of the discontent within the human heart and the terrible ends to which people will go. It is a sad reality spelled out in death and destruction. For such a time as this, the Lord has called us. We must more than ever be lights in this dark world.

I am writing therefore to ask for special prayer this week. The timing couldn’t be more aligned.

I am to speak at the United Nations Prayer breakfast tomorrow, September 18th. Although I have given the title “The Sovereignty of Good,” the subject deals with violence and the painful question of our human struggle. Arguing from evil to good to God to the gospel—what a timely theme!

This is a very intimidating setting in which to speak on such a tough theme. Many of the ambassadors will be there from the Middle East. My greatest hope is to get the gospel in with gentleness but clarity. Without that there are no answers.

There are only 200 seats available in the UN facility for this breakfast. All seats are sold out. That tells the hunger.

I am asking for your earnest prayer this week. Please do take us before the Lord.






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