Feedback About My Nelson Mandela Piece

RZIM has received a tremendous amount of feedback to the brief reflection I wrote upon the passing of Nelson Mandela. I want to thank all of those who have taken the time to thoughtfully express their perspectives and questions. As I noted in my piece, I have been traveling out of the country and have just returned from the Middle East and Asia.

The life and death of Nelson Mandela is a watershed moment in history, and we would be remiss as a ministry that seeks to help the believer think and the thinker to believe if we did not speak into such significant historic and cultural moments. Mandela was a complicated man, whose life was fraught with both failure and noble accomplishments. As Dr. Al Mohler wisely observed in his own commentary on Mandela, “Everything we do is tainted by human sin, and the huge characters who change world events often demonstrate grave moral faults, even as they achieve great moral change.”

My intent in writing was not to offer a comprehensive summary of the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, but rather, to highlight the Christian virtues of humility and forgiveness and what we can learn from those who have demonstrated these virtues—even if we may not share their worldview or applaud all their actions. Additionally, each of us has essential worth and dignity because we are made in the image of God. Thus, the struggle for human dignity and freedom is a noble end that as Christians, we ought to recognize and pursue.

We head into the new year with many unconventional opportunities and unique invitations, from Brigham Young University to Newtown. Please pray for wisdom for us and our team as we seek to share the hope and beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I thank you again for your feedback and support. We greatly value you and the privilege to partner together for the sake of Christ.

With appreciation,


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