I write while in meetings in Moscow. It is with deep sadness I read of the heartless and cold-blooded killings planned and implemented in Orlando, Florida by a cruel mind.  How can any rationalizing justify that in any mind?  How tragic for the parents, how ruthless of the killer. How terrifying it must have been for those so brutalized. 

I read the message exchanged between a mother and son. It was heart breaking. The tears just flowed to read of his farewell to his mom.  Nothing one says can ease their pain. Hate destroyed lives, Families were shattered, and grief envelops so many. Unthinkable!

As a nation we mourn this loss. All of them are in our prayers at RZIM. We stand with the families in this time of grief. “Lord please help us to be wise on how we speak of or treat our fellow human beings!  We need You more than ever.”

The RZIM Summer Institute at Georgia Tech is our premier, in-depth training event within the United States. This summer, study apologetics, art, evangelism, faith and imagination, leadership, and more. You will get to spend time with and hear personal stories from an incredible line-up of speakers, including Ravi Zacharias, Nabeel Qureshi, John Lennox, Jill Carattini, and more.

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Arts Night and Exclusive Q&A with Ravi Zacharias

Tuesday evening during Summer Institute, Ravi Zacharias joins award-winning playwright Tom Key and A Slice of Infinity managing editor Jill Carattini on stage for an intimate conversation about truth and storytelling, and the role of imagination in the life of faith and belief.

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Ravi will also speak the following evening, and Summer Institute attendees will have an opportunity for an exclusive, one-hour Q&A time with Ravi the next day.

At the Summer Institute, we want to invest personally in you. This is a place where one-on-one interaction is not only possible but also encouraged. These speakers are interested in your journey and the calling God has placed on your own life.

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Cost and Registration

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“Anybody who thinks the Christian life is boring ought to accompany us for just a few days. They will find out it’s not only enchanting but rigorous and challenging,” reports Ravi Zacharias during RZIM’s recent series of events in Singapore. In this video Ravi gives and update the team’s events at universities, churches, and private meetings.