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  • Celebrating International Women’s Day March 8

    Christ specifically subverts sexism…If you look at Christ himself and what the gospel writers record about Christ, he teaches women directly – women are the major recipients of doctrinal and historical truth and even in his teaching he draws on the kind of life experience of women as well as men.” – Amy Orr-Ewing

    - Amy Orr-Ewing   |   - March 8, 2018

  • New Podcast: Thinking Out Loud

    Cameron McAllister writes about a new podcast with co-host Nathan Rittenhouse. Thinking Out Loud is a weekly podcast for Christians who want to welcome difficult conversations. Each week, Nathan and Cameron will discuss these timely issues and draw from their experience as frontline apologists to show how Scripture addresses all of our most pressing cultural concerns.

    - Cameron McAllister   |   - March 8, 2018

  • Billy Graham’s Funeral: A Day to Remember, A Man to Honor

    It was a day to remember and a man to honor. Margie and I had the privilege of being invited....

    - Ravi Zacharias   |   - March 2, 2018

  • RZIM Global Team Reflects on Billy Graham’s Legacy

    Members of the RZIM global team share words of remembrance in honor of the late evangelist Billy Graham (1918 – 2018).....

    - Bethan Mingle   |   - February 26, 2018

  • A Reflection from Ravi on Billy Graham’s Life and Legacy

    Ravi Zacharias reflects on the life and legacy of Billy Graham in this video.

    - Ravi Zacharias   |   - February 22, 2018

  • Thank You, Billy Graham (1918 — 2018)

    We have just received word of the passing of probably the most influential of evangelists in modern times: Billy Graham.

    - Ravi Zacharias   |   - February 21, 2018

  • Vince Vitale Speaks at West Point Military Academy

    On February 13, Vince Vitale spoke at the West Point Military Academy for a Veritas Forum in front of nearly 400 cadets, staff officers, and military spouses on the subject of suffering.

    - Michael Davis   |   - February 20, 2018

  • From Polarization to Openness: Why Evangelism and Apologetics are Needed More than Ever in Post-Christian America

    Years ago I had a conversation with a TV host on the topic of faith. He is not a Christian.....

    - Nathan Betts   |   - February 19, 2018

  • Sunday in Las Vegas: Open Forum with Abdu Murray on Pain and Suffering

    We hope you can join us for an open forum with RZIM’s Abdu Murray on Sunday, February 18, at 6:00pm....

    - Ruth Malhotra   |   - February 16, 2018

  • A Prayer for Parkland, Florida

    Our hearts are heavy with news of the horrific attack in Parkland, Florida. In the aftermath of one of America's deadliest high school shootings in modern history, Ravi Zacharias offers a prayer for all impacted and for peace in our troubled times.

    - Ravi Zacharias   |   - February 15, 2018

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