For Broadcasters

The broadcast outreach of RZIM is a listener-supported ministry that mixes powerful biblical teaching and Christian apologetics. The programs explore issues such as life’s meaning, the weakness of modern intellectual movements and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ.

There is recent research showing listeners want radio hosts and teachers who help them learn how to defend their faith effectively and lovingly. RZIM’s diverse ministry is designed to help listeners grow spiritually, defend their faith and share the love of Christ with others.

If you are interested in broadcasting any of our programs please contact:

Kristen Henriques
Communications Associate
Phone: 770-449-6766
Fax: 678-248-7049

Just Thinking

With his extensive training in comparative religions and philosophy and his personal stories and testimony, Ravi Zacharias brings a unique voice to the radio. Just Thinking explores today's most relevant issues while equipping listeners to defend their faith and share the love of Christ.

Just Thinking is a quarter-hour daily broadcast that launched in the fall of 2004. Contact us for program demos or click here to listen to a program online.

Let My People Think

Combining his extensive training in comparative religions and philosophy with his ability to deliver captivating stories, Ravi Zacharias provides a compelling biblical truth in a truth-starved time.  Let My People Think addresses relevant issues such as pain and suffering, life’s meaning, and the uniqueness of Christ. These messages will resonate with listeners from all walks of life: the seeker, the skeptic, and even both new and long-time Christians.

Let My People Think is a half-hour program heard weekly on stations across the United States and in over 30 countries. Contact us for program demos or click here to listen to a program online.


Pensemos, the Spanish version of Let My People Think, is an excellent resource for Christians who long to understand the faith and witness with intelligence. Contact us for program demos or click here to listen to a program online.

Pensemos con el Ravi Zacharias" es una producción de RZIM y es un excelente recurso para los cristianos que anhelan entender la fe y testificar con inteligencia.

Just A Thought

Bold, captivating, encouraging. Just a Thought offers an engaging one-minute observation designed to help listeners dig deeper and strengthened their faith.

Listen to Just a Thought here.

Let My People Think TV

Ravi Zacharias shares his unique messages to viewers in his television program, Let My People Think. This program seeks to reach and challenge those who shape the ideas of a culture with the credibility and the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let My People Think is a half-hour television broadcast aired on stations in the United States and internationally, as well as on Amazon Fire, Roku and YouTube. Contact us for broadcast information.

Delivery Options


RZIM began utilizing the Amb-OS distribution platform for all programming in 2012. The Amb-OS S-FTP receiver/server is provided at no cost to stations providing Christian radio programming. If you don’t have an AMR-100, then you may receive one by calling 1.877.262.6728 (1.877.AMBOS2U).

FTP Site

Just a Thought, Just Thinking, Let My People Think & Pensemos are currently available as broadcast quality MP3 files via FTP download. We recommend using FileZilla, which is a free software to download the programs.

NOTE: The MP3 files from our program archives are not suitable for broadcast. For information about downloading broadcast quality MP3 files, or for FTP login issues, please contact Kristen Henriques.


Just Thinking and Let My People Think are available at the following satellite options:

Moody Broadcasting Network

GE 3, transponder 17, 4034 MHz

Channels "MB1" and "MB2"


Just Thinking

MB1 - Monday-Friday - 6:35 AM (Eastern)


Let My People Think:

MB2 - Sunday - 5:00 AM (Eastern)

MB1 - Sunday - 6:00 PM (Eastern)

Technical help can be found on the MBN Network Development website under "Current Affiliate Info" at

NOTE: The Moody Broadcasting Network has criteria for using their satellite network. For information on how to become a MBN affiliate and air programs from MBN, please contact MBN Network Development at (800) 621-7031 or [email protected]

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