Tejdor Tiewsoh


Tejdor Tiewsoh holds a Science degree from the prestigious St. Anthony’s College, Shillong, and went on to pursue his bachelor’s degree in Divinity from Union Biblical Seminary, Pune. He completed a short term course on Christian Mission in Malaysia, a three-month course on Biblical Expository Preaching at All Nations Christian College, UK, and a three-week course on Christian Apologetics at the Academy of Apologetics, Chennai. Tejdor worked with the Union of Evangelical Students of India (UESI) for eight years and served as its Regional Secretary overseeing the North Eastern Region comprising of eight States for six years.

Tejdor’s heart has always been for an in-depth study of the Word of God and its relevance in contemporary settings. Currently he serves as RZIM India’s Itinerant, having speaking engagements with academia, corporate, youth groups, and churches across India. Tejdor is a regular contributor to the quarterly magazine Engage as well as A Slice of Infinity. He has had the privilege of addressing various institutions and universities including Rajiv Gandhi University, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati, National Institute of Technology (NIT), and Guwahati University on topics such as “Beyond Opinion,” “True Spirituality,” “Can Man Live Without God?,” “The Pursuit of Happiness,” “Who Am I?:The Question of Identity,” and “The Problem of Pleasure.”

Tejdor resides with his wife, Gayreen, in Shillong, India.

Articles / Broadcasts

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