Nathan Betts


Nathan Betts is an apologist with RZIM. He frequently speaks on university campuses across the US and Canada, and regularly addresses church congregations. Nathan has written curricula on basic Christianity and apologetics for several major churches in North America and the UK, and his writing has been featured in Converge magazine. Nathan also co-wrote and co-presented RZIM’s Short Answers to Big Questions video series.

Nathan completed his undergraduate degree at Tyndale University and his MA in Bible and Ministry at King’s College, University of London. He is also a graduate of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He is an avid percussionist and a keen baseball fan. Nathan and his wife, Brittany, live near Seattle, WA, with their three young children.


Articles / Broadcasts

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  • Its Own Reward

    “For a difficult journey, minimal benefits, bitter cold, long months of darkness, constant fatigue and hardship. Most will quit.....

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