Jill Carattini


Jill Carattini is director of Apologetics, Theology, and the Arts. She is the managing editor of A Slice of Infinity, a daily creative writing resource considering themes from faith and culture. She holds a degree in religion from Hope College, a masters of divinity from Western Theological Seminary, and a Th.M from Duke University, where she studied sacramental theology and the arts. Jill is ordained as a specialized minister in the Reformed Church of America, where she serves on the theology commission.

She is a frequent speaker and panelist and is the acting curator of Still Point, a formal gallery and new focus in RZIM’s growing emphasis on the arts and imagination as a critical means to engage contemporary culture with the person of Christ.

She has lived and worked within a Native American community in Oklahoma, and has studied in the Middle East, participating in a program aimed at understanding the culture, history, and politics of the Middle Eastern conflict. Jill is a native of Pentwater, Michigan, and currently resides with her husband, Tony, and their son in Atlanta, Georgia.

Articles / Broadcasts

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