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Dear Friends,

We are very close to making the Zacharias Institute a reality. I am writing to ask for your help. The vision for the Zacharias Institute is to train and equip all who desire to effectively share the gospel of Jesus Christ while also answering the common objections to Christianity with respect and gentleness.

Located in Alpharetta, Georgia, the Zacharias Institute will draw upon the global speaking team of RZIM to reach more audiences in the US and throughout the world.

Broadcasting technology will more efficiently be leveraged by the Zacharias Institute, making it into the leading apologetics center in the world.

Last December, we purchased a 124,000 square foot building for the Zacharias Institute, debt free. The total renovation and technology infrastructure is $12 million. We need to close the gap and raise the remaining $6 million. Will you help us today so the Zacharias Institute can be opened in February 2017? Pastors, youth leaders, parents, students, business leaders, and others are ready to come. We receive requests to attend daily. Your gifts will enable me and the team to do more while reducing the weariness of travel.

Please prayerfully consider being a part of this exciting initiative in addition to your regular giving to the global fund for our ongoing ministry work.



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