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The Present Hour Is Urgent

Dear Friends,

I am writing this after two exhilarating back-to-back university open forums. On the 7th of February Abdu Murray and I teamed up to speak on “What Does It Mean To Be Human?” at the University of Michigan where 3500 packed out the auditorium. The following night we were at Michigan State University where 9500 nearly filled the 10,000 seat cordoned-off basketball arena. This time the theme was “Ask Anything” as we dealt with our “Post Truth Culture.” Held on week nights, both these events showed once again the hunger there is on the campus for questions to be answered in a cordial and thoughtful manner. The week before we were at Arizona State University and Feb. 16 at Indiana University.

Our social media sites were abuzz with thousands listening and responding. The most commonly used word was “Amazing!” The most common sentiment was worldwide appreciation for the respect with which questioners were treated and answers given. Questions ranged from homosexuality to how do we know God exists to why can’t we have our own moral reasoning, what about tolerance, why not humanism, why not multiple universes, and so on. To me personally, one of the great thrills was to hear the number that privately expressed that it was their parents’ listening to our radio program that got them interested in listening as well and in asking their questions. There were Hindus, Muslims, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and a host of other worldviews represented in the questions.

What does this tell me? First, that this ministry has ministered to three generations and the impact has been profound; second, that our apologetic has to respond to every generation with their struggles. Third, our young team is so beautifully called and equipped for such a time as this, and fourth, I cannot afford to slow down—the world is spinning out of control, and the answers of Jesus are the only answers with truth and hope. And fifth, our supporters need to be even more deeply committed with us if we are going to reach our youth.

I know this is an audacious suggestion. But I mean it with all my heart. We need you. The world of the young is troubled but hungry. RZIM has just the team needed for the hour. Opportunities abound and the younger apologists are extraordinary in their skill and commitment. Will you please earnestly ask our Lord what He would have you do to help us?

The team has grown, the ministry has grown, the impact is huge, and our need is great. We are significantly behind in our budgetary goals. We need you to walk the extra mile with us. Please come alongside us and send your support as God leads you. Also, and equally important, please pray for us: for strength, for wisdom, for perseverance, and for our families. We will honor God in our calling and in our lives. Your help lightens the load significantly.

I look forward to hearing from you. The present hour is an urgent one. Thank you for reading this and standing with us.

By the end of next month we will have the Institute up and running and scores of students will be on our campus. What a moment this is! If there is any way we can serve you, please let us know.

With gratitude,

Ravi Zacharias on behalf of our worldwide team

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