Neil Vimalkumar is trained as an agricultural engineer from the Allahabad University. He served as a Coordinator with the Union of Evangelical Students of India in Chennai for two years. He pursued theological training at SAIACS Bangalore doing an M.A. in Christian Studies, and went on to specialise in Theology earning an M.A. Honours degree. His dissertation was on the topic, 'A Theological Response to Fritj of Capra's book The Tao Of Physics with reference to Thomas Torrance.' He was a keen sportsman during his college days.

Presently Neil works as Assistant Head - Ministries [South] with RZIM Life Focus Society. His areas of interest include Christian theology vis-à-vis Apologetics, Comparative Religion, and Science. He lectures at RZIM Open Forums, Training Seminars and at Bible Colleges. 'Highlighting the uniqueness of Christ and his claims in different arenas is my passion,' he says. He is also the Editor of the quarterly magazine 'Engage' (formerly 'Apologia').