Balajied Lang Nongrum has a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science from the Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad. As a student he was instrumental in planting a church in the heart of the campus, for the benefit of the students on the campus. In building bridges for evangelism, all his efforts have always been undergirded by apologetics. During his college days, he has participated in debating competitions on social issues like "Cloning & its consequences," etc, for which he has won awards. He has also been a professional footballer right from his school days.

Balajied has been a part of the Resource Persons team since 2004, but formally joined the ministry team of RZIM Life Focus Society in April 2006 as the Regional Executive (Ministries), North East. Defending his faith and talking on the uniqueness of Christ are some of his passions.

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