A Slice of Infinity

A Slice of Infinity

"A Slice of Infinity" is aimed at reaching into the culture with words of challenge, truth, and hope. So often we're presented with rather disconcerting options when dealing with matters of great importance such as truth, good and evil, and the meaning of life. Many people today find themselves wanting something to hold onto, but do not know who or what to believe. We understand the confusion and cynicism that are so much a part of our world, and recognize the longings of the human heart. By stirring the imagination and engaging the mind, we want to share the beauty and truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "A Slice of Infinity" is essentially our gift and invitation to you, that you might further examine your beliefs, your culture, and the unique message of Jesus Christ.

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  • Creation Story

    Someone once told me that the most comforting premise of the Christian imagination was, for her, the assurance of a....

    - Jill Carattini   |   - October 23, 2017

  • A Theology of Sleep

    For some people, the fear of sleep accompanies the fear of death. For some, the fear of not being awake....

    - Jill Carattini   |   - October 20, 2017

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    The 12th of January 2012 saw an India deeply shocked and embarrassed by a certain footage released by the British....

    - Tejdor Tiewsoh   |   - October 19, 2017

  • Alienation and Embrace

    Vincenzo Ricardo. If that name does not mean much to you, you are not alone. It does not seem to....

    - J.M. Njoroge   |   - October 18, 2017

  • Out of Exile

    The Pew Forum Religious Landscape Study, an American survey of more than thirty-five thousand people from all fifty states, first....

    - Margaret Manning   |   - October 17, 2017

  • Into the Mystery

    “A comprehended God is no god,” a great thinker once said. His words come to mind on days when I....

    - Jill Carattini   |   - October 16, 2017

  • Misplaced

    I ran away once as a kid. I was mad about something ten year-olds get mad about—mad enough that I....

    - Jill Carattini   |   - October 13, 2017

  • The Problem of Proximity

    When was the last time that you saw the Milky Way? We live on a planet that has a stellar....

    - Nathan Rittenhouse   |   - October 12, 2017

  • Good Illusions

    Although John Stuart Mill’s essay “On Liberty” was published in 1859, it continues to influence our thinking today. This is....

    - Stuart McAllister   |   - October 11, 2017

  • The Risk of Love

    Actuarial science is the discipline that applies statistical methods to assess risk of disability, morbidity, mortality, fertility, and other life-contingencies.....

    - Margaret Manning   |   - October 10, 2017

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