A Slice of Infinity

A Slice of Infinity

"A Slice of Infinity" is aimed at reaching into the culture with words of challenge, truth, and hope. So often we're presented with rather disconcerting options when dealing with matters of great importance such as truth, good and evil, and the meaning of life. Many people today find themselves wanting something to hold onto, but do not know who or what to believe. We understand the confusion and cynicism that are so much a part of our world, and recognize the longings of the human heart. By stirring the imagination and engaging the mind, we want to share the beauty and truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "A Slice of Infinity" is essentially our gift and invitation to you, that you might further examine your beliefs, your culture, and the unique message of Jesus Christ.

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  • Leave of Absence

    The deep-seated impression of a parent in the life of a child is a subject well traversed. From pop psychology....

    - Jill Carattini  |   - July 15, 2016

  • The Santa Delusion

    A charge that some people make is that religion in general and Christianity in particular are irrational. It’s ridiculous to....

    - Andy Bannister  |   - July 14, 2016

  • Life, Death, and Incarnation

    The Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola is one of the world’s largest maximum-security prisons, an eighteen-thousand acre habitat to people....

    - Jill Carattini  |   - July 13, 2016

  • Tearing Down the House of Cards

    “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life” was a slogan I heard over and over again....

    - Margaret Manning  |   - July 12, 2016

  • Human and Wounded

    The recognition of humanity can be an uncomfortable pill to swallow. Life’s fragility, life’s impermanence, life’s intertwinement with imperfection and....

    - Jill Carattini  |   - July 11, 2016

  • The Image of True Humanity

    “What does it mean to be human?” has been the inquiring theme of more than a few journals, conferences, and....

    - Jill Carattini  |   - July 8, 2016

  • One Less God

    Among atheist advocates, it has become fashionable to dismiss theism with the mantra that unbelievers, like theists, are atheist with....

    - Jill Carattini  |   - July 7, 2016

  • Unlikely and Selected

    There are some stories that move us whether we hear them at five or fifty-five. The 1965 release of the....

    - Jill Carattini  |   - July 6, 2016

  • Augustine in 2016

    Anyone who has ever walked through the halls of the great philosophers, early church leaders, or ancient rhetoricians or ethicists....

    - Jill Carattini  |   - July 1, 2016

  • Starting With a Question

    Starting with a question seems like a good idea to most people: it helps to bring a sharper focus, it’s....

    - Tom Price  |   - June 30, 2016

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