A Slice of Infinity

A Slice of Infinity

"A Slice of Infinity" is aimed at reaching into the culture with words of challenge, truth, and hope. So often we're presented with rather disconcerting options when dealing with matters of great importance such as truth, good and evil, and the meaning of life. Many people today find themselves wanting something to hold onto, but do not know who or what to believe. We understand the confusion and cynicism that are so much a part of our world, and recognize the longings of the human heart. By stirring the imagination and engaging the mind, we want to share the beauty and truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "A Slice of Infinity" is essentially our gift and invitation to you, that you might further examine your beliefs, your culture, and the unique message of Jesus Christ.

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  • The Last Enemy

    In spite of the proverbial certainty of death and taxes, the human psyche has always dreamed of discovering loopholes in....

    - J.M. Njoroge  |   - September 15, 2016

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    I have little doubt that the single greatest obstacle to the impact of the Gospel has not been its inability....

    - Ravi Zacharias  |   - September 14, 2016

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    Stranger things have happened. My friends had struggled with infertility for most of their married lives. Employing the latest reproductive....

    - Margaret Manning  |   - September 13, 2016

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    There are those who say that lukewarm acceptance is more bewildering than outright rejection. I always wonder if they have ever heard....

    - Jill Carattini  |   - September 12, 2016

  • Come to Me

    Grief is a strange thing in that its memory is more characterized by what the relationship was or was not....

    - Naomi Zacharias  |   - September 9, 2016

  • What Happened to Your Hands?

    I have often referenced the quote by the talk-show host Larry King, in his response to a particular question: “If....

    - Ravi Zacharias  |   - September 8, 2016

  • Lament No Longer

    A sales receipt long tucked between the pages of a book can tell a story of its own. I am....

    - Jill Carattini  |   - September 7, 2016

  • Of Gratitude and Grief

    Several years ago, I had the opportunity to visit with some friends who live in Colorado. We spent a couple....

    - Margaret Manning  |   - September 6, 2016

  • Explaining Away Fire

    Ballet lost some of its wonder when it was explained. It was a class that was supposed to lift my....

    - Jill Carattini  |   - September 5, 2016

  • But as for Me

    There are some thoughts about God a Christian carries as truths deeply cemented into the mind. That God is good, for....

    - Jill Carattini  |   - September 2, 2016

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